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Assistant Manager

Program Overview

This HND specialty seeks to train innovative, performant and modern assistant managers who are able to help or support a manager or a director to keep the organization or a function of the company running smoothly. They assume some managerial tasks, such as overseeing employees or providing customer service. As the business environment is becoming very competitive and challenging, managers and other senior directors become preoccupied with strategic issues and therefore need assistant managers to delegate some of their detail and key roles to manage.

At the end of the training, the students are awarded a prestigious HND certificate as Assistant Manager.

Objective of the Training

To train HND holders who are able to pay attention to details and can effectively take direction from a close supervisor. It also enables holders to gain competencies to function as heads of services, assistant managers, support staff, customer service officers and collaborators of managers or directors.

Expected Skills

  • Participate in the management of any organization and decision making
  • Plan and monitor the task in the organization
  • Organize activities based on defined calendar and deadline.
  • Manage periodic project improvement meetings

School Contact Info


YIBS: Carrefour Simbock, Rue Chapelle, Yaoundé, CM.

(+237) 670 828 872

Morning sessions: 8:00A.M. – 3:00P.M.
Evening sessions: 4:30P.M. – 8:30P.M.

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Duration of Program
Target Audiance
Career Opportunities

Duration of Program

This HND training is for a period of two (2) years. Upon completion, the student spends a year to obtain a professional degree.

Target Audiance

  • Advanced Level holders (arts or science)
  • Higher education dropouts.
  • 1st Degree holders
  • Grade 1 teachers (CAPIEM or CAPIET holders)
  • DIPES I & II or DIPET I & II holders

Further Studies

Upon graduation with the HND certificate in Assistant Manager, the students could choose to pursue further studies by:

      • spending one more year to earn in degree in any related management fields
      • enrolling in any International Professional Certification program, such as ABE –UK, PMP –the USA, etc. Further details visit the link: https://www.abeuk.com/

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