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Dean’s Message

On behalf of the academic and professional communities of YIBS, I wish to heartily welcome you to Yaoundé International Business School. At YIBS, every step that our academic and professional communities take is to move you closer to meeting your academic or professional aspirations thereby making a better society.  At YIBS, your dreams will be translated into reality.

YIBS has the vision to develop innovative professionals who will drive economic performance. Mindful of this fact, it has set itself the task of curbing unemployment of youths in our country and the world at large by providing innovative professional training programs (national & international) that facilitate employment and self-reliance.

In the challenging times in which we now live, you need to work not only hard but also smartly. We believe that the opportunities created by a world-class professional education as offered by YIBS will equip you with the necessary smart skills so as to contribute to and improve on the development of our beloved country through the creation of jobs and better management of economic resources.

Our team of professional and academic personnel is comprised of a pool of unique talents culled from the professional world and academia who will provide you with insightful teaching accompanied by practice, conduct relevant business, and research aimed at positively impacting our stakeholders.

Located in one of the most reputed seats of learning and industry in Cameroon, YIBS is not just concerned about your academics but is also creating business-minded citizens with the relevant technical and innovative entrepreneurial skills. 

During your stay at YIBS, we will help prepare you to become future entrepreneurs, leaders, scholars, and job creators.

Besides conventional learning, you will be exposed to rigorous and academically enriching activities such as workshops, seminars, debates, and exchange visits to enhance your business skills.

We are conscious of your interest in YIBS. We will uphold our values, commitments, and beliefs to satisfy you. We have done it repeatedly and we intend to keep the tradition. Our distinguished alumni community of 100+ members are living testimonies.  

Thank you.

MBING GLEAN TAWEDean of Academic Affairs of YIBS