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YIBS Alumni

The YIBS Alumni Association is a committee of ex-students of the school, who had gained from the institution’s quality education under its varying business courses. Its members include professionals in their respective fields who are now occupying prominent positions in society. These persons are a living testimony of the school’s quality education, which is evident through their career proficiency and growth.
This association acts as a reference to existing and potential students and it helps support YIBS vision, goals, and objectives, as well as providing support to students through partial-scholarship, counseling, coaching, and liaison to the job market.

Success stories of Some Alumni:



Alumni Events

YIBS in collaboration with its Alumni Association organizes many enriching events, which are of benefit to YIBS and its members. Some of the events are:
  • career and networking sessions;
  • sports and leisure;
  • career counselling;
  • participation in seminars and conferences

Alumni Benefits

  • Join a network of our alumni group, which connects with YIBS to start a conversation in your field. This helps you to learn and follow the footsteps of exceptional graduates who have gone before you. Do not miss out! Take advantage of this incredibly valuable resource and be part of a great YIBS family!
  • YIBS does not just work with students; it also offers resources and tools like résumé building, networking skills and other career counselling services to support alumni in their job search and professional development. Let us know when you want to meet a career counsellor or to visit us for advice and support.
  • The opportunity to speak is also given to alumni who are capable and willing to make a presentation in any of our public seminars or conferences. This is a great way to help our alumni to project themselves to the public and to raise their profiles in many ways.
  • Through your commitment and support to the alumni activities, your profile is published through the various communication media of YIBS (website, conferences, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), thereby exposing the members’ profile and image to the public.

Alumni awards

Awards are given two perspectives:
  • By Alumni to YIBS – This is given to support and recognize students in their academic and professional journey or in any YIBS project. It could be in the form of scholarships of varying categories.
  • By YIBS to Alumni – This is given to recognize any exceptional project or service delivered to the society or to YIBS by its alumni.
Proudly be part of the YIBS alumni. Contact us for further details (link to contact and support pages).