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Students Services

Students Services


We have made counselling services available to students before enrolment and during their stay with us to make the best career choices. With our well-equipped and committed counselling team, solve your educational and career problems that encompass your career and vocational exploration. You are not alone, so let us know your specific concern so that we could allocate a counselor to help you.

Students Services

Professional development

We complement the regular activities provided by the official curriculum with soft skills development to beef up students’ skills about the job market. We provide our students with a glimpse of executive life by designing on-the-job quality activities that help students and executives to get to know each other. Through our careful selection and well-placed internship positions, we equip our students with the necessary skills to translate organizational and business objectives into results, work in teams, share workloads in a high-pressured working environment and model leadership values. 

Professional development
Sports and Leisure
Students Services

Sports and leisure

We are conscious of the saying that “learning without play makes Jack a dull boy”. To make your development of professional skills an integral part of urban life, we constantly create an avenue for students to go for outdoor activities to blend their academics with physical exercises and relaxation. This goes a long way to open up their minds and create an avenue for new endeavors.

Students Services

Case competition

Our case competition service provides excellent teaching cases that permit students to carry out research and solve problems societal problems through presentations and debates. In the end, winners are recognized and rewarded.

Case Competition
Internet Services
Students Services

Internet services

We make available, stable and free internet to our students and stakeholders for learning, research and relaxation. It makes communication easier, takes learning beyond the classroom walls, provides easy access to research, personalize instruction, save cost, makes education more interactive and engaging among our students and lecturers.