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YIBS - Higher National Diploma

Today, companies do not want people who are so versed with the theories and who need so much time and follow-up to settle down when offered job opportunities. Companies are in stiff competition and are in dire need to attain their challenging goals, thus prefer to hire those with professional training skills like HND and other professional certification programs (ACCA, CIA, ABE, PMP etc.). One could choose to go directly for a university degree by spending two years to earn a professional certificate such as HND and then, a third year to earn a professional degree. This direction offers the competences most business organizations seek to maximize performance.

The Higher National Diploma, which focuses on learning by doing, is simply a two-year professional certification, which is equivalent to the second year of university. The HND originated from the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth nations adopted it. Cameroon introduced it in 2002 by Ministerial Order No. 02/0069/MINESUP/DDES and the Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education runs it through private higher institutes.

With the technical competences gained, the HND certification permits students to secure direct employment, while using it as a stepping-stone to a full degree. Selecting the HND, students are able to build a solid foundation in their career.

The HND program is grouped under different schools with their respective specialties. Yaoundé International Business School runs programs in four of the major schools besides the international programs that have been grouped under the School of Professional Education.


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Higher National Diploma

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