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Quality of Education

YIBS offers education of a very high standard with a holistic approach that develops students in multiple respects.

The quality of education at YIBS is guided by three principal principles.


Our academic and professional courses equip our students with the knowledge and skills set necessary for today’s society. We provide a hands-on learning approach that requires students to translate the theories they have been taught into resolving personal, team, societal, and business real-life issues.
The school believes in the concept of libertarian education where, through dialogue, the instructor works hand-in-glove with the students in order to develop their critical consciousness.

Whether following the curriculum contents of Cameroon is the Ministry of Higher Education or our international professional programs, education at YIBS culminates in students who are ready to take on the world of employment either to be employed or be self-employed.


We achieve this in five principal ways:

  • a thorough selection process of faculty/staff members;
  • continuous learning through organization of frequent, interactive and targeted seminars;
  • reinforcement of YIBS values of professionalism, innovation, humility and optimism;
  • proper oversight by the Board of Trustees through monitoring and follow-up and;
  • creating an enabling work environment for the staff to excel.


The school culture is shaped by its values of Professionalism, Innovation, Humility and Optimism. The students, administrative and faculty staff including Board members are required to uphold these values to a high esteem in discharging their respective duties. By so doing, we believe the quality of education will be guaranteed.