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About Us

Welcome to Yaoundé International Business School - YIBS

YIBS is a reputable higher institution accredited by the Cameroon Ministry of Higher Education as per accreditation No. 19-10908/L/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP/SDA/AOSP.

YIBS is a sister institution of Yaoundé Business School – YBS accredited by the Cameroon Ministry of Employment and Vocational Trainings (MINEFOP), Authorization No. 085/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/CSACD OF 18 APRIL 2013.

In practice, YIBS has been in existence since 2011 training and transforming individuals who are now occupying influential positions within reputable companies in Cameroon and beyond.

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YIBS offers programs that meet current market demands and students on these programs will be capable of driving performance in emerging economies. The institution aims at imparting its students unique and impactful competencies for themselves and the society.

Besides educational activities, there are also business services that are being offered by the YIBS group. These services range from business consulting and soft skills development. The primary reason behind these activities is to create opportunities to support the student community and to develop the practical skills of students.

Our academic staff is drawn from networks of reputable faculties and business executives in leading organizations with sound and high-level qualifications to deliver quality services based on YIBS standards, partners’ terms, best practices, and ensuring compliance with regulations governing the educational sector. YIBS creates an enabling environment where its employees and students can excel.

Its inclusive, innovative, professional, and business training programs (national & international) facilitate employment and self-reliance. It gives opportunities to everyone to meet their aspirations by offering career advancement opportunities at all levels and in varied business-related disciplines. The entry levels range from GCE Ordinary level to the Master’s level.

Students who enroll with us and follow through the programs earn one of the following qualifications:
• HND programs in the fields of computer engineering, management, business and finance, and education;
• Bachelor degree programs;
• International programs; ACCA, CIA, CISA, ABE, etc.;
• Diploma, short courses, and capacity building programs.

At Yaoundé International Business School, we build professionals with exceptional skills and ethical standards.

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