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Campus Experience

Campus Experience

Welcome to YIBS as we hope you will witness great experiences on campus as we work tirelessly in developing competent and innovative professionals.

A Serene Learning Environment

YIBS has a very conducive learning environment directly opposite IRIC, Carrefour Obili, Yaoundé, which is easily accessible. 

At YIBS, there is a strong bond between the students, administrative and teaching staff. It is a place where we care and support each other to grow and to meet career aspirations. Whenever you are on campus, you witness a unique blend of serenity and wellbeing between the students, lecturers and administration. Teachers and administrators are always eager to listen and to resolve students’ issues.

Health and Wellbeing

We are conscious of the health and wellbeing of our stakeholders, the reasons why we ensure that the environment is clean, has proper lighting system, good drinking water, and others.

Unionism and Socialism

Through the Student Union and Students’ Affairs Office, creative and enriching social events are organized for our students to network, socialize, and to have fun.

Partners Students Interactions

Our partners from various industries visit our campus regularly to offer seminars, mentoring and counselling to our students. We do this to ensure that all members of YIBS’ family exhibit the skills and ethical values the society requires whenever they are out of campus. In addition, it is an opportunity for students to interact and network with business experts.

Industrial Exposure

YIBS creates avenues to expose the students to a world of diversity and opportunities outside the classroom, which is one of the valuable aspects of education. Students visit and listen to reputable company leaders in different career aspects. As a result, our students are equipped with a good understanding of organizational life, culture and expectations of employers as well as building their entrepreneurial skills.

Available Modern Facilities

YIBS has installed modern facilities that meet the required standards to enhance a productive and innovative learning experience. Our classrooms and conference rooms are well-equipped with IT facilities and other infrastructure that encourage modern learning, group learning, presentations, discussions, seminars and online participation irrespective of students’ locations.

There is full time internet facility to all stakeholders with a 24/24 and 7/7 availability to promote research and to ease studies.

On behalf of the academic and professional communities of YIBS, I wish to heartily welcome you to Yaoundé International Business School. At YIBS, every step that our academic and professional communities take is to move you closer to meeting your academic or professional aspirations thereby making a better society. At YIBS, your dreams will be translated into reality. . . Ream more

MBING GLEAN TAWEDean of Academic Affairs of YIBS