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ACCA Program

Why an Accountancy Career?

Accountancy is a reputable, rewarding, and demanding career that takes you to any place (country, industry, or company) across the globe.

Accountants can work in a wide range of job roles, in either financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, or tax functions.

An accountancy profession offers a wealth of incredible opportunities and career paths. When you are a qualified accountant or finance professional, the sky will be your limit because you work and progress fast to senior positions in global blue-chip companies, public institutions, and renowned non-profit organizations (NGOs) as well as being self-reliant by creating and managing your own company.

Become a Qualified Accountant

It is simple to become a qualified accountant. However, you need the foresight to take the right and smart decision in choosing amongst various accountancy bodies that provide the right qualification. There are many accountancy bodies that train professional accountants, but not all are flexible, have an international presence, reputation, and global recognition.

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Choose ACCA UK

ACCA stands for The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants with its Headquarters in UK. ACCA is the world’s fastest-growing and renowned accountancy qualification in the world. A qualification that can shape your life and opens doors to your career all over the world.

ACCA has more than 116 years (since 1904) of experience, producing best-qualified accountants. It has over 219,000 qualified members and 527,000 students in more than 180 countries. ACCA has over 80 accountancy partnerships worldwide.


ACCA is a qualification of choice to you because of the incredible benefits it avails its holders of amongst which are:

ACCA is Very Flexible

With the ACCA qualification, you can work in any sector being it private, public or non-governmental organisations (NGO). The skills gained make you an all-round finance professional leaving you with many employment choices to select. With the right skills, you can work and excel as an individual and in teams, from operational to strategic roles within the organisation. The ACCA qualification has no boundary as you can work in any organisation around the World.

Huge demand for ACCA professionals

The demand for ACCA professionals is very high and this keeps increasing because the ACCA qualification is innovative and relevant at all times. Industries all over the world keep searching for the best finance professionals and ACCA-qualified ones are the most equipped to meet those demands. Adding the ACCA accreditation to your résumé will greatly enhance your career prospects.


The ACCA qualification is innovative and forward-looking, hence, it is relevant at all times and anywhere around the world. In fact, it is a reputable accountancy and finance qualification that opens up opportunities for you to work in any industry and handle any role of your choice, as well as enable you to progress quickly up to a senior position within your organization.

ACCA has enormous rewards

Qualifying as a finance professional brings you huge financial benefits as well as great opportunities to quickly rise to the top where you can contribute to making critical and strategic decisions of the organization. ACCA is a highly respected professional qualification that brings career fulfillment. As an ACCA member, you will not only gain accountancy skills but you will also accumulate incredible skills in strategic management, leadership, and communication that will place you in a position of making a huge impact on your organization, immediate community, and the world at large.

MSc. and MBA top ups

When you complete your ACCA, you can top it up with either an MBA from Oxford Brooks University UK or MSc. in Professional Accountancy from the University of London. The two programs are offer online and require completion of few modules and a dissertation.

Sought By Best Employers

Reputable employers all over the world seek ACCA-trained professionals. The employers have the convention that these finance professionals have the strategic thinking, technical skills and professional values to drive their
performance forward. ACCA currently works with over 7,400 Approved Employers and 80 accountancy partnerships worldwide and it provide career Job Board that connects its members with thousands of job vacancies worldwide.

Multiple Awards

The ACCA is a multi-staged qualification that permits the award of a certificate at each stage completed. The ACCA also partners with universities in the UK to enable students to have First and Master’s degrees. These progressive certificates and degrees are as follows:


The ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business an award giving to students after completion of the Knowledge Level and this enables students to get a job while pursuing their ACCA qualification.


The ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business is an award giving to students after completion of the Skills Level and this enables students to get a job while pursuing their ACCA qualification.


A student who has satisfactorily completed the ACCA Skills Level and a Project determined and supervised by OBU will be awarded a BSc Degree in Applied Accounting.


Earn a Masters from the University of London in Professional Accounting while advancing to the last level of your ACCA qualification.

ACCA Facts

Founded in 1904 – Global presence in 180 Countries – Members 219000, Students 527000, Approved Employers 7400

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Approved employers

Why Study ACCA At YIBS

Selecting to study ACCA at the Yaoundé International Business School(YIBS) Cameroon, is the best decision a smart and aspiring financeprofessional will take. Below are some of the reasons to study with us:
The Yaoundé International Business School has a long standing and verifiable experience in teaching the ACCA qualification since 2011. YIBS is one of the leaders in Cameroon in providing ACCA tuition and supporting the students to become qualified finance professionals.
The Yaoundé International Business School has the best ACCA training team and they are passionate in providing lectures and supporting the students throughout their ACCA qualification. Click here for the list of
our ACCA training team.
YIBS is conscious of its environment and the financial situation of its stakeholders; hence, we offer quality training at an affordable cost. We encourage our students to take this advantage to own a recognized qualification at a moderate cost. For further details about our fees click here.
We provide live online classes when students are unable to reach us and this makes studies flexible and enjoyable.

Our Classrooms are comfortable with a well-equipped library where students have full access to available facilities. At YIBS, students have full access to the internet 24/7 to carry out further research and to browse during leisure hours.

YIBS incredible capacity development services to students to at little or no cost. We provide regular training seminars and orientation sessions to our students to develop and enhance their soft skills. With the relevant soft skills, our students are ready for to overcome the challenges in the job market after completing their ACCA.


Applied Knowledge
Applied Skills
Strategic Professional

The Applied Knowledge exams introduce finance and accounting coupled with a broad understanding of necessary accounting techniques and principles. There are three Applied Knowledge exams:

1.Accountant in Business – AB

2.Management Accounting –MA
3.Financial Accounting –FA
Upon completion of these three exams, you will be awarded the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business and you will be eligible to continue with ACCA Applied Skills exams.
Alternatively, if you have a relevant degree from a recognized university, you could be awarded exemptions from the Applied Knowledge. This implies that you will continue directly with the Applied Skill Level below. If you have exemptions, you shall be required to pay exemption fees. For further details about exemption visit:
The Applied Skills exams will enhance the existing knowledge and understanding to permit the student to develop strong, broad and practical finance and accounting skills.This level has six Applied Skills exams:
1. Corporate and Business Law – CBL
2. Performance Management -PM
3. Taxation – TX
4. Financial Reporting -FR
5. Audit and Assurance -AA
6. Financial Management -FM
After completing the Applied Skills exams, you can move on to the last level of ACCA qualification called the Strategic Professional Level.

This level prepares students to occupy senior or leadership positions within their organization such as Financial Manager, Chief Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Finance Controllers, or a partner in a professional firm.

. There are four exams at this level:

Compulsory Exams
1. Strategic Business Leader – SBL
2. Strategic Business Reporting -SBR
Choose two further courses that suit your career ambitions:
1. Advanced Financial Management –AFM
2. Advanced Performance Management –APM
3. Advanced Taxation – ATX
4. Advanced Audit and Assurance – AAA
Additional Requirements:
To become an ACCA member you will be required to complete or fulfill the following additional requirement:
  • An ethics and professional skills module – This is to permit candidates to be ethical and to demonstrate that they have the professional skills to make an impact immediately.
  • 3-year work experience in a relevant workplace role.
Course Duration
The average completion time is 3 years particularly when you combine your ACCA studies and work experience at the same time.
Admission Requirements
ACCA provides flexible minimum entry requirements. Click here for further details
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