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Careers at YIBS

We are always delighted to hear from persons interested in joining our faculty and administrative team and who are passionate about the career roles they want to pursue in YIBS. Everyone has an equal chance of being offered a career opportunity in our truly reputable institution provided they meet the minimum standards to perform and render quality services to our students and other key stakeholders.

At YIBS, we strongly believe in individual and collective strengths to build and sustain a valued and productive team of high professional standards.  We stand for maintaining the highest standard of services rendered to our students, colleagues, partners, regulators, and our community.

Joining our team means, you are ready without reservation, to respect and live by our corporate values – Professionalism, Innovation, Humility, and Optimism. At the same time, YIBS is committed to creating an enabling environment where employees can excel.

We also believe in mutual agreement and commitment. Persons who commit to sound ethical values and those of YIBS usually have lasting and rewarding careers with the school. We are always open to people who are interested in sharing such commitments with us.

Please, check the list of our amazing career opportunities and do send us your application.