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School of Management

Logistics and Transport Management

Program Overview

Every organization has operations that need logistics and transport competences. The local and global competitive business environment makes it imperative for organizations to be more effective, efficient, faster and more productive to stay in competition. To attain these challenging goals, organizations need experts to manage their transport units, warehouses, stock, procurement and supply chain.

Understanding the whole supply chain is important in order to coordinate, effectively and efficiently, the flow of goods and services from end to end.

This field of studies in the HND program has many enriching opportunities. YIBS believes in inculcating the necessary innovative competences in its students to create wealth and jobs in business organization anywhere in the world.

At the end of the studies, students are awarded HND in Logistics and Transport Management.

Objective of the Training

The objective of this HND specialty is to inculcate into students the innovative skills required for the organization and management of logistics and transports in local, regional and international markets.

Expected Skills

  • Ability to pilot logistics chain
  • Knowledge of wide range techniques in linking logistics chains
  • Ability to facilitate and coordinate communication between internal and external stakeholders
  • Good logistics systems and information networks.

School Contact Info


Carrefour Simbock, Rue Chapelle, Yaoundé, CM.

(+237) 670 828 872

Morning sessions: 8:00A.M. – 3:00P.M.
Evening sessions: 4:30P.M. – 8:30P.M.

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Duration of Program
Target Audiance
Career Opportunities

Duration of Program

This HND training is for a period of two (2) years. Upon completion the student, spend a year to obtain a professional degree.

Target Audiance

  • Advanced Level holders (arts or science)

  • Higher education dropouts

  • 1st Degree holders

  • Grade 1 teachers (CAPIEM or CAPIET holders)

  • DIPES I & II or DIPET I & II holders

At the end of the training, the graduates will be qualified to serve as

  • Officers of transport unit

  • Inventory Personnel

  • Stock control and stock-keeper

  • Procurement officer

  • Logistics engineer

  • Supply chain officer

  • International logistics officer

  • Maritime controller

  • Shipping agency personnel etc.

Further Studies

Upon obtaining the HND certificate in Human Resource Management, the students could choose to pursue further studies by:

  • spending one more year to earn a degree in human resources management or related fields

  • enrolling in any International Professional Certification program, such as ABE, PMP–USA or related certifications etc.

  • further details https://www.abeuk.com/

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