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Study Options

Study Options

In the quest to fulfil its mission, YIBS makes available two study options for its students to choose from.

Classroom Study Option

At YIBS, we advise non-working students and some workers who have the chance to attend classes on campus, as classroom learning remains the most common way to learn. Classroom learning at YIBS is interesting and productive due to the advantages derived from physical interaction, networking, availability of internet 24/7, projectors, and other facilities. Our modern facilities are there to boost students’ and teachers’ collaboration and control over time, place, and pace in learning. The classroom provides you with ready resources that utilize an easy-to-understand language in the building and development of your career.

Online Study Option

Alternatively, YIBS has put in place an online learning system for working and distant students. Our online learning on the Moodle platform using the big blue button is designed in real-time where classes are laid out the same way they would be in the classroom. With online learning, you do not have to go to the classroom to take part in it, but conveniently partake in learning characterized by greater flexibility wherever you find yourself. For a better understanding of concepts and to catch up with missed lectures, our online learning gives you an opportunity for self-paced learning where you can listen to the recorded lectures as many times as you want and equally download lecture notes and presentations.