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Last Saturday, November 25th, 2023, the vibe was alive at the (Yaounde International Business School (YIBS) graduation ceremony. It was an incredible experience, showcasing the release of a remarkable batch of emerging e-novators and entrepreneurs. celebrating their achievement in their HND, Bachelor’s Degree, and MBA programs affiliated with the prestigious University of Bamenda.

As the president of YIBS rightly stated, each individual is the author of their destiny, and their unwavering willpower to succeed should remain unshakable, regardless of the adversities they may face along their journey.

YIBS, a leading professional higher institute, is committed to developing innovative and competent professionals in various fields, including the School of Business and Finance, School of Management, School of Computer Engineering, and School of Medical and Biomedical Science. The institute has a proven 12-year track record of producing successful alumni who have excelled in their respective industries, both national and international. YIBS stands out as the best arm in Cameroon for receiving innovative educational systems that foster creativity and promote entrepreneurship, equipping students with personal development and entrepreneurial skills rather than just seeking jobs.

This Saturday, over 200 students graduated as a batch of emerging e-innovators. These graduates are equipped with the necessary interpersonal and practical skills, knowledge, and mindset to make a positive impact on society while embodying the values of professionalism, humility, innovation, and optimism.

To all the degree holders, YIBS encourages you to distinguish yourselves in today’s society by considering furthering your education with a professional MBA degree program. YIBS now offers an effective online MBA program, providing you with a solid foundation for success in the ever-evolving professional landscape.
Join us in celebrating the success of YIBS graduates and their journey towards becoming future leaders and innovators.

With the present of Mimi Mefor   

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