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School of Education

Education Management and Administration

Program Overview

This is a field of study to pursue and a great career path professional will like to work within. Professionals in this field not only have a passion for education, but they also want to be decision makers in matters of policy, curriculum, and personnel. Graduates from this specialty have a broad spectrum of potential career choices.

This discipline enables student to reflect on how management and administration theories are applicable to community contexts, it describes and analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the main theories and models of educational management in national and international education systems. it reveals teaching and learning strategies.

Objective of the Training

The students who enroll in the HND cycle specialized in school administration introduce themselves to the techniques and analysis of tools relating to school governance in education. They are able to build public policy analysis tools relating to school governance.

Expected Skills


  • Understand the professional and economic environment and education
  • Master the use of the computer
  • Be apt in oral and written communication
  • Be capable of team leadership


  • Know the meaning and differences between educational management and administration
  • Communicate in a professional setting in French and English
  • Master the basic computer tools
  • Create and run a businessCreate and run a business
  • Understand educational principles
  • Use management and decision support tools
  • Build instruments of analysis of educational facts in the field of school management
  • Apply the principles of public policies in the field of education
  • Analyze a school situation and draw the possible consequences

School Contact Info


Carrefour Simbock, Rue Chapelle, Yaoundé, CM.

(+237) 670 828 872

Morning sessions: 8:00A.M. – 3:00P.M.
Evening sessions: 4:30P.M. – 8:30P.M.

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Duration of Program
Target Audiance
Career Opportunities

Duration of Program

The duration of the program(s) is 18 months made up of 4 semesters.

Target Audiance

  • Advanced Level holders

  • Grade 1 teachers (CAPIEM or CAPIET holders)

  • DIPES I or DIPET I holders

  • DIPES II or DIPET II holders

  • 1st Degree holders

  • Manager of an educational project
  • Educational consultant
  • Analyst of education training needs
  • School administrator or manager

Further Studies

Holders of Higher National Diploma (HND) in this field are eligible for the following:

  • professional degree (Bachelor’s of Technology) for 9 months;

  • writing entrance into ENSET or ENS level III in their related fields;

  • teaching at Teachers’ Training colleges;

  • working in schools and organizations etc.

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