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Prof. Mrs. Elizabeth Tamanjong, PhD

Director Yaounde International Business School (YIBS)

Specialist in Education


Prof. Mrs. Elizabeth Vukeh Tamajong is a renowned researcher, academician and administrator. She holds a PhD and Masters in Educational Administration Degrees from the University of Minnesota, USA and a Bachelor Degrees in History/Education from Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, USA. She has held many important positions in the academia and research institute, political party, and international organisations.

She has published extensively in well recognised scientific journals. She is a Fellow of the Cameroon Academy of Sciences. In terms of consultancy, she is a household name in the fields of education, human rights, empowerment of women and girls, election monitoring, integration of the ICT in the development of our communities. She believes in encouraging our youths to change their mindset as our future leaders of Africa. “Learn today and Lead tomorrow.” She believes in hard work, discipline, honesty, humility and creativity.